Nigeria election: Abia gets new Police Commissioner

Less than 24 hours after the commissioner of police in Abia state, Etim Okon joined the DIG Anthony Ogbizi to speak on strategies and level of preparedness of the state command for the governorship and House of Assembly elections scheduled for this Saturday, a fresh CP, Awosola Awotinde has been sent to take over from him.

Awotinde, upon arrival, met with heads of all the sister security agencies at the police headquarters in Umuahia to familiarise with them as the new CP.

He also called on the Resident Electoral Commissioner in the state, Dr. Joseph Iloh, to acquaint him on developments and possibly give him assurances of the police commitment to work.

In an interview with newsmen on Friday, CP Awotinde stated that he has no problems getting the job done as a professional irrespective of location.

He also solicited the cooperation of sister agencies in the discharge of their duties for Saturday’s elections.

Etim Okon has been moved to Ebonyi state where Awotinde came from to replace him.

Meanwhile, the Abia State Commissioner for Information, Chief John Okiyi Kalu, has called on Abians to strongly consider political platform and personal character while voting on Saturday.

Chief Okiyi Kalu, who made the call in Umuahia while speaking to newsmen, stated that it is difficult to divorce leaders from their personal character and political platform while in office.

According to him, “A politician might claim that he will not implement grazing colony as Governor but same politician will be helpless if his political party supports the setting up of grazing colonies.

“Voters are therefore advised to consider the tendencies of the political platform of contestants to office as well as their personal character while choosing who will govern them.

“An arrogant man is a dangerous proposition that voters should distance themselves from as the individual will ultimately mistreat common folks or lead them with the mentality of a “Mr Know All” even while operating within our democratic space.”

He called on INEC to ensure that all observed lapses in the recent Presidential and National Assembly Elections were corrected, and urged security agents to ensure that they are not used as tools by unscrupulous politicians to thwart the will of the people of the state.

“We have received reports of plans to use security agents to intimidate Abia voters, compel INEC officials to announce wrong results and provide cover for hoodlums to unleash electoral mayhem on the people of the state, and have reported to appropriate authorities. Rogue security agents must know that they are answerable for their actions and will bear full responsibility for any breakdown of law and order in any part of the state.

“Our party, PDP, is ready for free and fair elections and have confidence in the determination of the people of the state to re-elect high performing Governor Okezie Ikpeazu by landslide margins. All we are asking is for the election to be free, fair and peaceful,” Kalu said.

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