Speed Darlington calls out 50cent for copying his style

Web sensation, Speed Darlington has blamed 50 Cent for taking his style. 

Speed Darlington shared a photograph of American rapper, 50 Cent posing before a vehicle and composed:

Is it me or this man is biting my style in the video where I captured this picture? Everybody knows I be in front of my Benzo going nowhere with my phone resting on light pols or other public property while I record myself. Somebody tell him am a trouble maker too. Only reason I haven’t sue any of my crew members yet is because I don’t have a crew. I once sued insurance company and won; who is a yesteryear rapper?  I’m not that Yoruba boy on your show u gave spon to lick. Stop biting my style.”

Lol... Speed Darlington accuses 50 Cent of stealing his style
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