“Okorocha Still Holds 67 Govt Vehichles” – Imo Task Force Reveals

The taskforce on the recuperation of government properties of under lock and key by the prompt past governor of Imo State has undermined that its group would never again make use of a delicate way to deal with recouping of government properties in the hands of the past government authorities, Newsmen reports.

The task force administrator, Jasper Ndubuaku, while briefing newsmen in Owerri cited that the intense methodology had turned out to be essential after the refusal of most of the offenders to willingly surrender the properties.

As per Ndubuaku, the team would utilize the general population aggrieved by the poor accomplishment of the past government.

He, notwithstanding, uncovered that the governor and his wife and a portion of his assistants were not making their jobs simpler as they ceaselessly clutched them.

Ndubuaku while leading the newsmen around a portion of the recouped vehicles, revealed that seven vehicles were found in the premises of the previous ADC to governor Okorocha, however, included that one had been recuperated up until this point.

He further revealed that the 27 vehicles purchased for the council chairmen during Okorocha’s tenure had been changed over to school buses and missionary buses by those in whose care they formerly were.

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