“Google Map Sends 100 Drivers Into An Empty Muddy Field” ( See Details )

The reason for Google guide is to appropriately manage you to an area you’re inexperienced with. Be that as it may, when this Google guide does something contrary to what it’s intended to do, we can say there is an issue.

A mistaken course from Google map which offered around 100 Colorado drivers an as far as anyone knows the snappy way out of a road turned parking lot left them stranded and stuck.

An accident on Peña Boulevard, a street prompting Denver International Airport, incited the application to take drivers on a reroute on Sunday.

The backup way to go brought drivers down an earth street that downpour had transformed into sloppy wreckage and vehicles began sliding around.

A few vehicles couldn’t endure the mud, and around 100 others progressed toward becoming caught behind them.

Connie Monsees was en route to get her husband at the air terminal when she experienced the disaster area on Peña Boulevard.

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