See Gobe! Church Of Satan Lambaste Controversial COZA Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo!

The Church of Satan has finally voiced out in Lambasting COZA pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo over the recent rape accusation against him by Busola Dakolo.

The Church reacted following rapper MI Abaga’s post which described men of God who rape God’s children, as ‘Satan’. M.Ihadtweeted;

“If a so called Man of God decides to rape Gods children!!! He must be called what he actually is.. a man of Satan!!!!”

The Church of Satan wasted no time in taking to the comment section of the tweet to call out Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo. They wrote;

However, it’s exclusively men who consider themselves ”of God’ who try to blame a supernatural enemy for their disgusting actions. and the church covers for them, allowing them to do it time and time again. Imaginary friends and enemies get us nowhere.

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