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World Wide Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Visits Nigeria

The Founder of the Internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, was in Nigeria on Wednesday as the world marked the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web.

To mark the event, Berners-Lee had embarked on a 30-hour flight which ended in Lagos with a meeting with the Nigerian tech community.

In Lagos, he explained that his invention was driven by the need to connect the world’s population using innovation and technology.

According to him, as the Internet reshapes lives globally, people have a responsibility to make sure it is recognised as a human right.

The Internet since its creation has broken boundaries, connected people around the globe, empowered business and availed information to the citizenry at a click.

Figures recently released by the International Telecommunication Union shows that 51.2 percent of the world’s population are now online.

But that is not enough for the President of the World Wide Web Foundation, Adrian Lovett.

“We need to say now that we can’t stop here. We can’t even stop at 60, 70 or 80 percent. The Web was always meant to be for everyone, and this is our chance to redouble efforts to make sure that we secure that goal,” he said.

Former Minister of Communications, Omobola Johnson, who was also at the event suggested ways to get more women technologically empowered.

“There has got to be a deliberate effort to get women to not be afraid of technology,” she said.

“That means we need to encourage young girls from early ages to interact and engage with technology. Again, we have to start making technology an attractive option for women.”

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Man Kill His Wife In Plateau, But Claims She Fell Inside Well

Ismaila Salau, a 49-year-old electrician, on Tuesday in an Igbosere High Court denied killing his wife, Silifat Yakubu, with a pestle, NAN reports.

Salau was arraigned in 2015, on a count charge of murder preferred against him by the Lagos State Government.

At the resumed hearing, Salau, who was led in evidence by his counsel, Mr A. A. Babalola, said on Oct. 3, 2014, he was held up in traffic after running errands for a friend.

Salau said that when he got home, he did not see his wife, who had gone to her mother’s place for Sallah celebration and her phone was switched off.

He said he called his older daughter who told him that the deceased left her mother’s house since 8 p.m.
Salau narrated how he went for a village meeting the following day and heard about a pregnant woman who drowned in the stream.

He said, “I then told the Baale that my wife was missing so he asked me and my wife’s older brother to go to the Badagry General Hospital where the corpse was deposited to check if it was my wife.

“When I saw the corpse, I knew that that was my wife.”
During cross-examination by the Lagos State prosecutor, Jubril Kareem, the accused admitted that he did not report to the police about his missing wife.
He, however denied the statement he allegedly made to the police during police investigation.

After listening to the evidence, Justice Oluwatoyin Ipaye, adjourned the case until April 9, for continuation of trial.

Earlier, the prosecutor told the court that the defendant murdered his wife, Silifat Yakubu, by hitting her head with a pestle and dumping her corpse in a nearby stream.

However, the defendant pleaded not guilty and was remanded in custody.

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Piracy on Nigerian waters: The truth

Globally, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) Piracy Reporting Centre, based in Singapore, recorded 201 incidents of maritime piracy and armed robbery in 2018, up from 180 in 2017. The Gulf of Guinea remained increasingly dangerous for seafarers as reports of attacks in waters between the Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of Congo more than doubled in 2018.

The expansion of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea poses a dire threat to local economies, potentially undermining what little stability currently exists in the region. Oil revenue, which many countries in the region rely upon, is seriously threatened by pirate activity; 7 per cent of Nigeria’s oil wealth is believed lost due to such criminality.

Additionally, instability in the Gulf has sharply decreased revenue collected from trade; Benin, whose economy depends on taxing ships entering the port of Cotonou, has experienced a 70 per cent decline in shipping activity due to piracy. Furthermore, as piracy drives up insurance premiums for international shipping companies, the price of imported goods in the region could spike, further imperilling local economies.

On its part, the Federal Government of Nigeria is currently working assiduously to ensure that the Nigerian Maritime domain and indeed the Gulf of Guinea is safe for local and international shipping and has taken several proactive steps to ensure this dream is actualized.

The primary approach is in ensuring that all legal loopholes related to the prosecution of offenders are plugged. The proposed legislation, widely known as the Suppression of Piracy and other Maritime Offences Bill, 2018, is being sponsored by NIMASA and has been presented to the National Assembly where it has passed the first and second hearing stages and should be passed into law in 2019:

The Bill incorporates the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the Suppression of Unlawful Acts at Sea (SUA) conventions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) into comprehensive legislation to deal with the menace of piracy and related crimes in the Nigerian maritime domain.

The Federal Executive Council (FEC) has approved the acquisition of maritime security assets under the ‘Deep Blue Project’ which will cover aerial, joint maritime and shore surveillance systems as well as physical patrols of our coastal and Gulf of Guinea waters.

The project is an all-encompassing security scheme aimed at maintaining a 24-hrs eagle eye view of our maritime domain and has been midwifed by NIMASA under the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA).

On its part, the Executive Management of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) under the leadership of Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside is fully aware of the economic losses resulting from maritime insecurity and the consequent high costs, for stakeholders, involved in adopting extra security measures and insurance premiums.

NIMASA as the Designated Authority (DA) responsible for administering the maritime industry, while ensuring safer and more secure waters, has adopted a Total Spectrum Strategy to combat insecurity in the nation’s coastal waters and in the greater Gulf of Guinea area.

The Agency’s Management is also aware of the effect of marine insecurity on maritime-related businesses culminating in reduced employment and business opportunities in the Nigerian maritime industry not to mention the negative international media coverage which in itself is bad for attracting and sustaining investments into the sector.

The Nigerian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre at Kirikiri Lagos will considerably enhance the dissemination of information in the Nigerian Maritime Domain. The incident reports from Masters of Ships/Skippers on piracy attacks or suspicious crafts will promptly be relayed to the Nigerian Navy for immediate response. Distress messages will henceforth be directly intercepted by the RMRCC thus eliminating the delay in relayed messages.

The Agency is working out modalities to ensure that all Shipowners install Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) which when triggered onboard will automatically alert the MRCC and Naval Authorities of any piracy attack.

At the bilateral level, Nigeria has been at the forefront of enhancing cooperation aimed at improving security in the Gulf of Guinea. This is demonstrated by the concluded joint maritime security patrols carried out with the Benin Republic tagged “Operation Prosperity” which succeeded in reducing the number of pirate attacks off the coast of both countries.

Participation in regional exercises has also yielded positive results with the GoG member states now conducting cross-border patrols, sharing law-enforcement intelligence, establishing and maintaining joint coordination centres through the implementation of a regional strategy.

The US Navy component of AFRICOM has been conducting exercises such as Obangame and Saharan Express to reinforce and activate operational agreements. In this regard, the Agency fully participated in the 2018 version of the Obangame Express held in the GoG Region.

Another example of international partnerships entered into by NIMASA in efforts to eradicate maritime insecurity involved NIMASA’s exercise tagged ‘Operation 30 Days At Sea’ which saw INTERPOL in conjunction with the NIMASA, Nigeria Police Force, Nigerian Navy amongst others to conduct patrols in GoG territorial waters in 2018.

It is a peculiarity of how piracy incidents are reported that leaves the Gulf of Guinea open to exaggerated security threat levels. A situation where every incident of maritime crime regardless of nature and scale are reported as ‘Piracy’, it is inevitable that figures reflecting on these would be higher than they would ordinarily have been.

For example, information from the ICC-IMB indicates 149 recorded incidents of piracy and 34 attempted piracy attacks whereas statistics from the Maritime Rescue and Coordination Centre (MRCC) show that there were only 31 cases of piracy and 18 cases of attempted piracy in Nigerian territorial waters in the same period under-reportage.

Bearing in mind that most of the cases reported involved opportunistic theft from vessels and activities of oil bunkerers, it is unfortunate that the optics of violent, armed pirates roaming the GoG with impunity continue to pervade international media coverage whereas this is very far from the reality.

NIMASA, on its part, has raised the issue of misrepresentation by the IMB to the International Maritime Organisation, at its annual meetings on numerous occasions highlighting the inconsistencies in the reportage of piracy incidents and the negative effects that has on the perception of the Gulf of Guinea maritime area.

Regardless, Nigeria’s maritime territory and the Gulf of Guinea at large remain very viable domains that must be secured in view of the fact that activities within this domain are significant to the economic well-being of our nation and the sub-region.

By securing this strategic area, we would be encouraging further commercial engagements with the international shipping community, which translates to an additional boost to our national and regional economies.

Clearly, the truth about piracy in our waters is that NIMASA has acquitted her responsibilities in securing our territorial waters commendably despite ongoing challenges and has contributed, through aggressive implementation of drawn up strategies and collaboration with international agencies and Gulf of Guinea countries, to improve the security situation in the region’s maritime space.

Chinweizu Chidi Amuta (A Public Relations Officer with NIMASA is writing from Lagos).

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Man City Launch Child Sex Abuse Compensation Scheme

Manchester City have launched a compensation scheme for survivors of historical child sex abuse in football, the Premier League club have announced.

The scale of abuse among youth teams in Britain came to light in 2016, when a string of ex-footballers, including England internationals, told of the crimes inflicted upon them, including years of being repeatedly raped.

Former football coach Barry Bennell was last year sentenced to 30 years in prison for abusing youth players, with the judge branding him “sheer evil”

City said they commissioned a review in November 2016 into whether the club was used by Bennell and “any other individual to facilitate alleged sexual abuse of children from 1964 to the present day”.

That review, which is ongoing, led to the “uncovering of serious allegations of child sex abuse in respect of another individual, John Broome.”

Bennell, who was a youth team coach with City and Crewe, was convicted of dozens of offences committed against 12 boys he coached between 1979 and 1991.

Broome, who is now dead, was involved in City’s youth set-up in the 1960s.

City said the compensation scheme applies to the victims of Bennell and Broome.

“The club’s review remains ongoing and Manchester City FC continues to be restricted as to what it can make public at present for legal reasons,” the club said in its statement.

“The club reiterates, however, its heartfelt sympathy to all victims for the unimaginably traumatic experiences that they endured.

“All victims were entitled to expect full protection from the kind of harm they suffered as a result of their sexual abuse as children.”

The BBC reported that City would offer millions of pounds in compensation and that survivors of the most serious crimes would receive six-figure sums.

The report said City know of 40 potential claimants to their fund but they are braced for more cases.

Britain’s Press Association said it understood that as well as involving financial compensation, the scheme will see victims receive a face-to-face apology from a senior club official.

It is understood the scheme will enable victims to apply for compensation for general damages, impact on career, therapy fees and some legal costs and that some cases could be processed as quickly as within six weeks.

Settlements will have no confidentiality clause and will be kept open for those who prefer to consider pursuing a civil claim.


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I make N1million daily – Bobriksy brags

Nigerian crossdresser seem to be bouncing back from the recent IG war with fellow crossdresser JP Blush.

According to Bob, he makes N1million on a daily basis and days he doesn’t make such, he gets very sad. Not stopping there, he shared screenshots to prove this is true.

In his words;

For those of you saying it a lie 😂😂😂😂 look at my transactions on my bank yesterday 990,000. Look at the time I got the alert yesterday…. I’m too busy or big to fabricate stories. I’m way bigger than many of dis celebrities that fake so much in Nigeria.

I can still upload two days ago transaction if you care to see it. God has blessed me so much. Money is not my problem at all.

After all the insult I got from some of you…. haaa God must pity me to bless me. Big girl with class don’t make too much noise. The time you all using to insult me am making money 💰 😂. Love you guys going back to my hustle see you guys soon.

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Lagos: Who Owns The Land?

For as long as anyone could remember, Lagos has been called the real Naija. Lasgidi as its millennials fondly named it is the only state that accepts all comers. Its rich history of multiculturalism is an enviable badge of honour for its residents and the envy of other states and towns.

It’s first executive governor, Lateef Kayode Jakande is a Muslim whose forebears hailed from Omu-Aran in present day Kwara State. After winning the elections under the UPN flag in 1979, Jakande ran what some have described as unparalleled government and people-impacting governance to date. His ancestral root was not a subject of electioneering.

A Lagos socialite adopted Bola Ahmed Tinubu the second civilian governor of Lagos State, but his ‘roots’ are in Iragbiji in present-day Osun State. As governor, Tinubu assembled the best hands he could lay his hands on. Tunji Bello one of his commissioners is my kinsman from Kogi State. James Faleke, another cousin and freshly minted representative of the ruling APC for Ikeja Federal Constituency has his roots in Kogi State. In 2015, Faleke contested elections into Kogi government house. Lagos has mostly politicked to the left of the political spectrum – from UPN to AD and now APC. Joe Igbokwe, an Igbo has lived in Lagos basically all his life, and held political and appointive positions.

Ethnic politics, the bane of many states that began pre-2015 could only destroy the cosmopolitan ethos of a vibrant city. You could describe Lagos as that state where white people could balance with tuwo, where a Lebanese could teach a Yorubaman to do justice to abacha and ugba, while the Hausaman could tutor the Chinese to devour amala and gbegiri, because Lagos is the human melting pot.

It diminishes Nigeria to hear arguments for and against Lagos as a – No Man’s Land. Of course there is no such thing even in Kano where such a quarter is so named. The ancestral owners of an area know themselves. The earth is the Lord’s as land belongs to those who live on it, admitted they don’t ‘own’ it.

The layman’s understanding of the Land Use Act gives ownership to the Omo Onile – those whose ancestors have lived somewhere. Only where a land is appropriated for government use are ownership divested. Even at that, those with ancestral claims to the lands are adequately compensated along with those with tangible and intangible stakes in it. There are no indications that the Igbo or any other resident of Lagos arrogate to themselves the rights to sell the lands on which they live but do not own. Even where people have acquired stakes in a piece of land with certificates of occupancy to prove, lease on lands expire in 100 years, subject to renewal or refusal. So, why are we in this destructive campaign that seems to pitch one ethnic nationality against the other?

In 2019, old-time neighbours, schoolmates and even in-laws are up in arms against each other for political gains. Politics is a recurrent game that is equally ephemeral. We have a federation, albeit a contrived one. It provides that citizens are free to go and live, work and thrive anywhere they please. That provision has not changed. The average human just wants to live, work and thrive wherever fate takes them.

Naija citizens born and bred in our shores have found residency everywhere in the world. Seven members of the current British parliament are Nigerians by descent, elected to serve in their own country irrespective of their ancestral links. In Canada and America, citizens of Nigerian descent are elected into municipal and other levels of government making laws for the order and good government of their adopted homes without losing their ancestral roots. Hordes of us are waiting for adoption as citizens of other nations that have never heard of our parental ancestry. Others constantly knock on the door of embassies in the hope of finding greener pastures while a few are so brilliant other nations are begging to naturalize them for their talents.

It is extremely shameful that at a time when the black race face racism and discrimination forcing them to look to Africa as their ancestral home, those living in the continent are fighting ethno-nationalistic wars. When was any party founded on ethnic lines?

It is shameful that those who condemn xenophobic attacks in South Africa are at the base of this Lagos-Is-Not-A-No-Man’s-Land debacle. It is disturbing that those who are quick to condemn the resurgence of extreme right radicalisation in Europe and the Americas; whose siblings hold dual citizenship of other nations join in fueling the embers of ethnic cant. It is disheartening that the ori ade, or crown heads who should embrace all humans are at the fulcrum of this debasement. It is shameful that those who ought to condemn this nonsense are either complicitly silent, or stoking it.

Lagos is big enough to accommodate its inhabitants, and people are free to vote as they please. There is no evidence that any ethnic nationality engage in block votes. The inalienable right of people to vote as their conscience dictates is not just a democratic right, it is a right guaranteed under international law everywhere. This nonsense should stop already.

Written for DailyTrust by Tunde Asaju

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Lady Accuses Her Boyfriend Of Duping Her Sexually And Financially In Lagos

There was mild drama, yesterday, at a restaurant in Ebute Metta, Lagos, as a lady accused her boyfriend of duping her.

According to the lady, the man borrowed N15k from her for his sachet water business, with the promise of returning it and giving her an additional N15k for her birthday slated for today.

However, the man reneged on their agreement and instead tricked her again, yesterday, to meet him at a hotel in Costain, where he had sex with her. .

The boyfriend thereafter took her on a bike and began to merry-go-round within Oyingbo. .

Tired of his antics, the lady then decided to disgrace him, prompting the intervention of the police who later took them away.

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Pastor And His Secretary Kidnapped During Vigil In Plateau State

According to a report by Punch Metro, some unidentified gunmen have kidnapped a pastor with the ERCC church in Quaapan Local Government Area of Plateau State, identified as Rev. Thomas Ashaku.

It was gathered on Tuesday that the pastor and the church Secretary, Mr. Ezekiel Agwadu were kidnapped during a vigil organised by the church located at Namu community of the Council Area.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr Tyopev Teena, did not pick his phone calls when contacted over the matter but the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Quaapan Council Area, Rev Isaac Tali, confirmed the kidnap of the two clerics to our correspondent in Jos on Tuesday.

According to him, information on the incident which occurred on Friday night did not get to him until Tuesday morning.

Tali said, “I have just been informed of the incident. It was the youth CAN President of Jos North who called me to report the matter and when I made inquiries, I found out that it is true.

“The gunmen were said to have stormed the church and picked the two leaders from among other numerous church members who attended the programme. This is strange and unfortunate that such a thing can be allowed to happen.”

The Zonal Chairman of CAN in the Area said the matter had been reported to the police and that the gunmen who kidnapped the two church leaders had demanded ransom.

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EFCC arrests another set of Yahoo boys in Ibadan

Operatives of the Ibadan Zonal Office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, have arrested eight suspected internet fraudsters, better known as Yahoo boys, at the Elebu-Oja area of Ibadan, Oyo State.

The suspects include: Ojo Ayobami, Dayo Adedokun, Ojo Ayotunde, Ibidapo Ileriayo, Ibidapo Kolade, Adeniyi Gbenga, Aluko Idowu and Adeusi Olatunji.

The agency, in a statement on Saturday, said they were rounded up on February 8, 2019 following action on a series of intelligence reports.

“They are alleged to be involved in fraudulent activities ranging from love scam and other forms of internet fraud, through which they obtain money from unsuspecting victims.

“Three different models of exotic cars, laptop computers, telephones, international passports and several incriminating documents were recovered from them.

“They will soon be charged to court,” the statement said.

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ASUU Suspends Over 3 Months Strike

The Academic Staff Union Of Universities, ASUU, has suspended the 3 months old strike, after the meeting with the Federal Government on 7th Feb, 2019. This information was disclosed on the official twitter handle of the union. According to ASUU, academic activities will resume immediately as from tomorrow, 8th Feb, 2019

It was gathered that the union decided to suspend the 95 Days of Strike after reaching an agreement with the Federal Government. However, ASUU has warned that this is just a suspension of the strike and not an outright call-off.

According to ASUU, if government goes contrary to the memorandum of agreement, the union will not hesitate to embark on another industrial action with full force.

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Military Officers To Enjoy VIP Treatment At Any Airport In Nigeria

Henceforth, military officers and personnel are to enjoy special treatment and privileges akin to Very Important Persons (VIP) during check-in and boarding at any airport in Nigeria.

Minister of State for Aviation, Sen. Hadi Sirika, who made the disclosure on Wednesday through the spokesman of the ministry, James Odaudu, has also directed the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and other agencies in the sector to immediately incorporate policies and activities that show appreciation of both serving and retired military personnel in Nigeria, as obtained in developed climes.

Sirika, who gave the directive when members of Defence Headquarters Committee for Sensitisation Strategy on Public Appreciation of the Armed Forces of Nigeria visited him in his office, also directed that special messages appreciating the sacrifices and achievements of the military should be included in flight announcements at intervals.

He said that the military deserved to be appreciated for their sacrifices in ensuring the security and safety of the country and its citizens, emphasising that the nation’s armed forces had done extremely well in ensuring that Nigeria remained a united and indivisible entity.

The minister stressed that Nigerians must appreciate the armed forces for their roles in the peace-keeping efforts in the West African sub-region and other parts of the world, adding that the military was one institution where the oneness of Nigeria was displayed.

“In addition, in all our parastatals, there should be banners to appreciate the military and we will also have those banners in our airports to be located in strategic places where everybody can see.

“Certainly, the Nigerian military has done tremendously not only for Nigeria but for the sub-region where we operate and for the world. In all the peacekeeping missions that the Nigerian military has gone to, they were well appreciated because they always come tops and they performed excellently well,’’ he said.

Sirika also pledged to produce stickers, with the permission of the military authorities, to appreciate the armed forces for their sacrifices to the nation.

Earlier, Air Vice Marshal Jomo Osahor, chairman of the committee, said the visit was to solicit the support of the aviation industry to sensitise the public on the need to appreciate the Nigerian armed forces.

Osahor said the committee was set up by the Chief of Defence Staff to develop strategies to sensitise the public on how members of the armed forces could be appreciated.

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I Didn’t Penetrate, But Ejaculated On Her Body –Man Arrested For Rape.

A suspected rapist, Longbab Bouguen (39), has told the police in Ondo State that he dragged a prophetess coming from the church into the bush and attempted to rape her.

Bouguen, a security guard, said when he saw the prophetess in white rope, the urge to have sex came over him and held her, dragged her into the bush and put his manhood into her.

However, he said he could not penetrate the prophetess because of her resistance, forcing him to ejaculate on her body.

Speaking at the police headquarters during his parade and one other suspect by the Ondo State Police Command, Bouguen blamed the crime on the devil.

He said he could not explain what came over him before assaulting the woman.

Although he did not penetrate the woman, he admitted that he ejaculated before releasing the woman to go after collecting N700 from her.
Bouguen said the other suspect did not participate in the rape.

“When he came to me begging for money for food, I gave him N200 out of the money collected from the woman because he was hungry. He knew nothing about the incident.”

Parading Bouguen and Daniel John for the rape of a prophetess, the state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr. Femi Joseph, said the incident occurred around Agbogbo area of Akure, the state capital.

Joseph explained that the victim, who was returning home about 8.30p.m., was dragged into the bush in the area by the security guard where he had carnal knowledge of the prophetess.

According to him, the suspect forcibly removed and tore the victim’s pants and had sexual intercourse with her before collecting money from the victim.

He said: “One prophetess of Celestial Church of Christ (name withheld) of Agbogbo area, Akure-Owo Road, reported that one security guard, Longbab Bouguen, suddenly dragged her to secluded area and forcibly tore her pants to have sexual intercourse with her through the anus.

“The suspect threatened the victim by brandishing a machete and knife in his hands while putting on a dark eyeglass and also dispossessed the victim of N700 which he consequently shared with his co-security guard, Daniel John.”

Joseph, however, said the police would soon charge the two suspects to court after completing its investigation.

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Pope offered $1m for charity if he goes vegan for Lent

Pope Francis will receive $1 million for a charity of his choice if he goes vegan for Lent, a celebrity-backed International Campaign said on Wednesday.

The Million-Dollar-Vegan campaign is fronted by Genesis Butler, a 12-year-old from California, who describes herself on her Twitter handle as an animal rights activist and vegan.

“We are asking for Pope Francis’ help to protect our planet by drawing attention to the devastating impact of animal agriculture,’’ Butler says in a video posted on the campaign’s website.

By going vegan for Lent, Francis “would be leading the way to a more sustainable planet.

“Join us and fight climate change with diet change,’’ Butler adds.

Lent is a period of penance observed in the six weeks leading up to Easter, the most important date in the Christian calendar.

This year, it starts on March 6, while Easter falls on April 21.

In a letter, Butler references the pro-environment teachings of Francis’ “Laudato Si’’ encyclical on climate change and says she would be “delighted’’ to meet him in person.

The million-dollar-vegan initiative has been endorsed by singers Paul McCartney and Moby and actors Woody Harrelson and Joaquin Phoenix among others.

The 1-million-dollar donation is to be provided by the Blue Horizon International Foundation, the charitable arm of a U.S. stem cell healthcare company.

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Woman With 2 Failed Marriages Finds Love With A Prince Who Is Single

A Nigerian lady, Dami Ewa Stratton, who previously had 2 failed marriages, has narrated how she found love again with a Prince who had never been married.

The beauty of her new union is that her hearthrob, Emmanuel Cole, is from a royal family, single, and doesn’t have any kids.

In her post she shared on her page this morning, she revealed how one of her ex-husbands serially cheated on her but still wanted her to stay in the marriage.

Thankfully, along came Emmanuel who saw her, loved her, proposed to her, and has decided to accept her and all her children.

Read her story below;

I’m seriously flooding your timelines ? ? ?

A lot of people said “Ewa you should have stayed with Christal… You should have managed and endured, husband is hard to find oooo…”

“Managed and endured what exactly

— managed & endured a marriage with an unrepentant cheat, who was constantly sleeping with random prostitutes and even got hooked down with one of them?
— you expect me to have stayed with a man who was constantly exposing me to all sorts of STDs?
— a man who’s definition of a woman is someone who takes sh*t and covers her mouth with money?

I know my worth…
–I won’t stoop so low to fight for a man who has no sense of respect for the union of marriage.
— I won’t drag myself into a drama with a street girl over a grown ass man who has made his choices.


I knew my chances of getting married again was slim according to world’s statistics…
But I also knew I was worth more than the BS…

I knew what I wanted and I wasn’t afraid to take a chance with love…

How did I end up with a single man, a Yoruba Royal blood — never married , never had kids and yet his family accepted me with my 4kids and gave me a Royal Wedding ?

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Grammy award winning R&B star, James Ingram dies at 66

James Ingram, the soulful, smooth voice behind R&B hits like “Just Once” and “I Don’t Have The Heart,” has died at the age of 66.  

Ingram’s longtime friend and creative partner, Debbie Allen, confirmed the news of his passing Tuesday  when he tweeted, “I have lost my dearest friend and creative partner James Ingram to the Celestial Choir. He will always be cherished, loved and remembered for his genius, his love of family and his humanity. I am blessed to have been so close. We will forever speak his name.”

Ingram, an Ohio native, got his start as a musician with the band Revelation Funk and later played keyboards for Ray Charles. He was nominated for 14 Grammy Awards, winning for best male R&B performance for his song “One Hundred Ways” in 1981 and best R&B performance for a duo or group in 1985 for “Yah Mo B.”

His duet with Patti Austin, “How Do You Keep the Music Playing,” earned an Oscar nomination for best original song in 1983. Over the course of his career, Ingram also had successful collaborations with Linda Rondstadt, Quincy Jones, Barry White and Dolly Parton.

He co-wrote Michael Jackson’s hit song “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” with Jones. Ingram was also nominated for two Golden Globe Awards one in 1994 for best original song for “The Day I Fall in Love” and again in the same category the following year for “Look What Love Has Done.”

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Lagos State House of Assembly aspirant, 5 others arrested over Abule-Egba pipeline vandalism

Lagos State police command have arrested six persons who allegedly vandalised the NNPC pipelines at Abule Egba, Lagos, that destroyed 100 houses and 77 vehicles worth millions of naira.

The suspects are PDP House of Assembly aspirant Hon.(Amb) Adedipe Dauda Ewenla, 40, Rasak Oyakunle aka Akeregun; Abdulazeez Agboola aka Boggy, 29; Akin Ayansola alias Babalati, 44; Kazeem aka Aladija, 50 and Saheed Isiola alias Obama, 36.

Parading the suspects yesterday, Police Commissioner, Imohimi Edgal, said: “On December 18, 2018, at about 2am, there was a fire outbreak at Isopako Awori in Abule Egba area of Lagos State.

Lagos State House of Assembly aspirant, 5 others arrested over Abule-Egba pipeline vandalism

The fire emanated from the NNPC pipeline that was deliberately ruptured by the vandals in their bid to siphon premium motor spirit (PMS) from the pipe. It destroyed 100 houses and 77 vehicles worth millions of naira.

Following the development, operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Ikeja, were detailed to investigate the incident and ensure that the suspects are nabbed.”

He said the operatives were mobilised to the scene and they picked up pieces of evidence for analysis, which led to the arrest of the suspects. Edgal said during interrogation, Oyakunle confessed to committing the crime and revealed that he owned the generator repair workshop on the spot where the ruptured pipeline was laid.

“Oyakunle confessed that the workshop was located on the spot to enable them siphon fuel undetected,” he said. Edgal said the gang had been in the illicit business for years.

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Ugandan DJ, Jerry Okirwoth killed for playing ‘boring music’

A disc jockey identified as Jerry Okirwoth has been killed by concert-goers for playing boring music.  

Late Jerry Okirwoth, a part time DJ and student at Parombo Secondary School in Uganda was murdered by the mob for failing to play their favourite songs. He was killed in a disco hall in Nebbi District, Northern Uganda.  

Nebbi Resident District Commissioner William Bob Labeja blamed the establishment’s management for failing to protect the fast rising DJ from the angry crowd.

“As the head of security in the district, I will no longer allow any disco operators to conduct their businesses in the sub-county and anybody who defies the directive will be prosecuted.

All disco halls in all sub counties must be closed because they are causing insecurity and redundancy among the youth,” he told the press.  

In 2014, three Zimbabwean men were charged with murder after assaulting a DJ on Independence Day for playing ‘boring music’. Elson Samuel Tirivavi, 22, suffered severe head injuries after he was hit with a chair and a bottle in the ensuing fight.

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”She is a disgrace to womanhood” – Nigerian man says after he beat his wife to death over alleged infidelity

A 32-year-old man, Jibrin Abu, pictured above, has been arrested by the police in Niger state for allegedly beating his wife, Victoria, to death with a piece of wood over allegations that she cheated on him. 

According to the police, Abu who hails from Dabogi village in Lapai, used a piece of wood to beat his wife to death for failing to heed to his warning that she should stop talking on phone to male friends.

Narrating what happened, Abu said his wife is a disgrace to womanhood. He accused her of bringing men into their matrimonial home and that he killed her to save his family name from shame.

“I used a wood to kill her after several warnings for her to desist from taking calls from men in my house. I have been suspecting that my wife was sleeping around with other men in my village but in the heat of argument, I killed her.  My late wife brought men into our matrimonial home and my culture abhors such an act; that was why I killed her to save the family from the shame,” he added.

Confiirming the incident, the spokesperson of the state police command, Muhammad Abubakar, said Abu, after killing his wife, attempted to commit suicide by drinking Sniper insecticide,  but he was rushed to the Lapai General Hospital by police operatives and was treated.

Abubakar added that Abu would be charged to court soon.

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Man arrested for attempting to rob a businessman in Lagos

The police in Lagos state have arrested one Ifeanyi Owoh, pictured above, for attempting to steal from a businessman who was in the state on a visit.

A statement from the state police command spokesperson, Chike Oti, says on Tuesday January 22nd at about 15.30hrs, along Billings way, Oregun, Lagos, policemen who were on a motorbike on street patrol duty, sighted two men. Then approached the men for routine check, but rather than subject themselves to security scrutiny, they took to their heels. 

The police riders chased after the fleeing men and arrested one of them.

During a brief interrogation, Owoh narrated that their mission in the industrial estate was to rob a business man who they learnt  was in town for a transaction with a notable automobile company in the area. 

When searched, one locally made pistol, three live cartridges and a dagger were recovered from him. 

The police says efforts are on to arrest his fleeing accomplice while apprehended suspect would be charged to court soon. 

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If anyone should try what was done to Jussie Smollett with me, we would die there- Bobrisky warns as he replies follower asking if he is gay

Bobrisky has warned that if anyone should try what was done to Empire star, Jossie Smollett by homophobes yesterday January 29th, with him, he and his attackers will die at the scene of the attack. He said this after a fan asked him if he was gay for showing solidarity to Jussie. See his exchange below…

If anyone should try what was done to Jussie Smollett with me, we would die there- Bobrisky warns as he replies follower asking if he is gay
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Royal family reveal the secret nicknames they call each other

The nicknames the royal family have for each other has been revealed and while some of them are funny, some are quite harsh and pokes fun at the family member given the nickname.

Below are some members of the royal family and their nicknames.

Prince William:

Prince William’s nickname is ‘Baldy’, given to him by his wife Kate Middleton.

As the Duke and Duchess formally opened the V&A museum in Dundee, it was revealed Kate’s nickname for Wills came about as a ‘sharp retort’ when he kept complaining about her flowing locks.

It’s not the first time Kate has given William a cheeky new name.

During their time at University when they first started dating, she used to call him ‘Big Willy’.

Kate Middleton:

Kate Middleton is called ‘Duchess of Do-Little’ or ‘DoD’ for short as given to her by husband, Prince William.

The nickname came about from an event that happened before they got married. 

Although Kate is now a busy mum-of-three and working royal, before she married Prince William, she is said to have been criticised by the Queen for not having a full-time job.

Royal family reveal the secret nicknames they call each other

Queen Elizabeth:

The Queen has been called ‘Lilibet’ for much of her life but some years ago, it was claimed that her husband Prince Philip endearingly referred to her as ‘Sausage’.

She is supposedly called ‘Mama’ by many Royals – including the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince George refers to her as ‘Gan Gan’, but Prince William used to call her ‘Gary’.

As a child, Prince William struggled with the word ‘granny’ so ‘Gary’ became the best alternative he could manage.

When the young prince fell over at Buckingham Palace and called for Gary, sparking some confusion, the Queen is said to have stepped in and said: ‘I’m Gary.’

Prince Harry:

Prince Harry is believed to have secretly had a Facebook account where he avoided the public eye by using the name ‘Spike Wells’. He chose the name as he was reportedly called ‘Spike’ when he was younger.

He was also given the nickname ‘Hazza’ by his new wife’s friends. But he isn’t so keen on the name.

Prince George:

Last week Prince George surprised a dog walker he met in Berkshire by telling her his name was Archie.

Royal family reveal the secret nicknames they call each other

The woman, who did not want to be named, said:

I was asked by a police minder not to take a photo of the children, which I didn’t, but George started stroking my dog.

Just to be friendly I engaged in a bit of small talk and I asked George what his name was, even though obviously I knew it.

To my astonishment he said ‘I’m called Archie’ with a big smile on his face.

I don’t know why he calls himself Archie but kids often play with their names and I think it’s lovely.

Meghan Markle:

The Duchess of Sussex may be new to the Royal Family, but she’s already been given a nickname by her father-in-law.

Prince Charles calls Meghan ‘Tungsten’ after the tough metal.

He gave her the name because the Duchess is ‘tough and unbending’.

Royal family reveal the secret nicknames they call each other

Prince Philip:

Prince Philip was born in Corfu, Greece, and has been called Phil the Greek, Zorba and Stavros at different times in his life.

Prince Charles and Camilla:

Prince Charles and second wife Camilla secretly called themselves ‘Fred and Gladys’ during their long affair while Charles was married to Diana.


Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla is referred to by the young royals as Ga-Ga.

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Oil theft: Nigerian Navy hands over 19 suspects and two boats to EFCC

The Nigerian Navy has handed over 19 suspects and two fibre boats laden with petroleum products to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for further investigation and prosecution.

The suspects are:  Ayeni John, Adetini Ademola, Saliu Malik, Emmanuel Tosu, Emopin Moneyin, Malade Aiyetimiyi, Oduroja Ojune, Ikudehinbu Idowu, Abogun Ota, Elamah Augustine and Olarotimi Elikanah.

Others are:  Thank-God Benjamin, Abbas Friday, Victor Goldsmith, Gbenga Thomas, Ibane Austin, Idowu Surprise, Asemia Thomas and Agbayoh Lawrence.

They were arrested on August 30, 2018 in Lagos and some parts of Ondo State and are alleged to be involved in an illegal dealing in petroleum products sourced from the hijacked vessel, MT MAMA ELIZABETH.  The sum of N3,500,000.00 (Three Million Five Hundred Thousand Naira) only suspected to be proceeds from the sale of the illegally acquired products was found on the suspects at the point of arrest.

Idris Abdullahi Abubakar, an investigator with the EFCC who received the suspects and the boats on behalf of the Commission, assured the Nigerian Navy of diligent investigation and prosecution of the suspects.

The suspects will be arraigned in court as soon as investigation is concluded.

Oil theft: Nigerian Navy hands over 19 suspects and two boats to EFCC (Photos)
Oil theft: Nigerian Navy hands over 19 suspects and two boats to EFCC (Photos)
Oil theft: Nigerian Navy hands over 19 suspects and two boats to EFCC (Photos)
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Court of Appeal dismisses motion filed by Onnoghen, says he must face trial

The Court of Appeal sitting in Abuja has dismissed a suit filed by suspended Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen, seeking stay of execution on his ongoing trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT).

The court in its ruling Wednesday morning, said the charges against Onnoghen are criminal in nature and that he must face the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT, to defend the allegations of false asset declaration levelled against him by the Federal government.

Justice Onnoghen had approached  the court yesterday with an argument that the CCT had no jurisdiction to preside over the case.

The federal government is prosecuting Onnoghen at the CCT for alleged false assets declaration. He was suspended from office last Friday January 25th and Justice Tanko Muhammad was appointed CJN in acting capacity.

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ASUU Strike Update Day 86: ASUU Receives NUPEMCO Licence, To Meet FG Again This Week

It has been reported that the Academic State Union of Universities (ASUU) on Monday received the certificate of operation for the Nigerian University Pension Management Company (NUPEMCO) from the National Pension Commission, the regulatory agency for the country’s pension companies. This was disclosed by the President of ASUU, Biodun Ogunyemi, in a short message sent across to members of the union.

He disclosed that ASUU received the certificate at about 11:20 a.m on Monday.

Recall that one of ASUU’s agitation is the refusal of the regulatory agency to approve the union’s pension commission for operation.

Mr Ogunyemi thanked members of the union for standing solidly behind the leadership while the struggle lasted. He pledged the union’s commitment to achieving reform in the Nigerian university system.

Earlier, Mr Ogunyemi told newsmen that the leadership of ASUU was still consulting with its members over offers made by the federal government. According to the ASUU president, the government made some offers in the course of meetings with ASUU, which are still being deliberated on.

Mr Ogunyemi said ASUU is expected to be involved in another round of meeting with the government within the week, adding that he expects a positive outcome.

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Nigerian lady loses her Masters Admission and Schorlaship due to the lingering ASUU strike

A Nigerian lady is currently counting her loses as a result of the lingering ASUU strike. In a post shared on her Facebook page, Nwede Chiamaka Stella Maris, revealed that she just lost her Masters Degree admission and Scholarship to a South African University owing to the ASUU strike. She wrote

”Sad Saturday
I lost my master admission from university of cape town south Africa scholarship for final years student from South African women in science and engineering (SAWISE)
I lose the scholarship and admission because I was not able to submit my complete transcript and reference letters.( one of my wicked lecturer I mention his name as referee disappointed me,even thou I told him before submitting it ).
Asuu,NANS and FG continue 
So painful 
After my struggle
After my wonderful essay 
After gaining admission to best university in African
After gaining best scholarship from SAWISE 
Master that suppose to start in November or December
All of them is now a waste 
My village people
Not angry much cos I just apply for it to try my luck for the first time

Nigerian lady loses her Masters Admission and Schorlaship due to the lingering ASUU strike
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Banky W reacts as INEC misspells his name and misprints party logo on the ballot paper

Nigerian singer and candidate for the Modern Democratic Party (MDP), Banky W has taken to Instagram to call out the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for misspelling his name and misprinting his party’s logo.  

Banky W who is currently contesting for Federal House Of Representatives in Lagos said, “It turns out that logo that will show for MDP on the election day ballot papers is wrong. We have tried every possible option to see if the ballot papers can be reprinted, but that is unfortunately not possible. So we move on’.

He went on to say, ‘no sense crying over spilt milk. The good news is WE ARE ON THE BALLOT. You will see “Modern Democratic party” on the ballot with this new logo… so PLEASE help us repost the logo everywhere. We are also reprinting as much campaign material as we can. We will not be deterred by any obstacle. We will not be discouraged. We will focus on the finish line and forge ahead. No weakness.

Banky W reacts as INEC?misspells his name and?misprints party logo on the ballot paper

No regrets. My last name was also misspelt, but that’s a non-issue because you won’t see candidate names on election day, just party names, acronyms, and logos. Please remember the Modern Democratic Party. God bless you.”

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French Oscar and Grammy winning composer Michel Legrand dies at 86

French composer Michel Legrand, who won three Oscars during a career spanning more than half a century, has died aged 86.

Legrand first won an Academy Award in 1969 for the song The Windmills of Your Mind from the film The Thomas Crown Affair. He followed that with Oscars for his music for Summer of ’42 in 1972 and for Yentl in 1984. He also won five Grammys.  

Legrand, who had been scheduled to hold concerts in Paris in April, died during the night, his spokesman told Agence France-Presse on Saturday. He first began working as an accompanist and arranger in the 1960s.

During his career he worked with Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Orson Welles, Jean Cocteau, Frank Sinatra and Edith Piaf. Legrand was also known for his scores for the French New Wave director Jacques Demy for the films Les Parapluies de Cherbourg (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg) in 1964 and Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (The Young Ladies of Rochefort) in 1967, both of which received Oscar nominations.

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Mr Eazi reacts to speculations he is dating Temi Otedola because of her father’s money

Singer Mr Eazi has reacted to speculations that he is dating billionaire daughter, Temi Otedola, because of her father, Femi Otedola’s money.

Temi and Mr Eazi became an item in 2017 and made their affair public when they attended the wedding of the son of billionaire businesswoman, Folorunsho Alakija in London.

Many people have insinuated that he in a relationship with Temi because of her father’s money. However in this new interview with Vanguard, Mr Eazi  said he doesn’t care what he people think of his relationship.

”I feel like at the end of the day what comes out of me is in me. You know people can say what they want to say. If you put your ears down and react to what they say, you won’t live, especially when you are in the limelight. “You have to realize that your life is now entertainment for people. I don’t care about what people think. 

If your self-esteem is based on how much is in your bank account then you have a very serious self-esteem issue. So my mind, myself-worth has nothing to do with my account. I have had experiences of ups and downs so if my self-worth was based on material things I would have killed my self”he said

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Onnoghen’s suspension our take – US

The United State has said that it is deeply concerned by the impact of the suspension of the Chief Judge of Nigeria, Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen.

The United States embassy in Nigeria in a statement on Saturday on its website urged the Federal government to look into the issues the suspension of the Chief Judge Onnoghen ‘raised and resolved them swiftly and peacefully in accordance with due process, full respect for the rule of law, and the spirit of the Constitution of Nigeria.’

Just as it warned that such action is needed urgently to ensure that this decision does not cast a pall over the electoral process.

Read full statement below

‘The Embassy of the United States is deeply concerned by the impact of the executive branch’s decision to suspend and replace the Chief Justice and head of the judicial branch without the support of the legislative branch on the eve of national and state elections.

‘We note widespread Nigerian criticism that this decision is unconstitutional and that it undermines the independence of the judicial branch. That undercuts the stated determination of government, candidates, and political party leaders to ensure that the elections proceed in a way that is free, fair, transparent, and peaceful – leading to a credible result.

‘We urge that the issues raised by this decision be resolved swiftly and peacefully in accordance with due process, full respect for the rule of law, and the spirit of the Constitution of Nigeria. Such action is needed urgently now to ensure that this decision does not cast a pall over the electoral process.’

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PDP suspends presidential campaign for 72 hours over CJN Onnoghen’s suspension

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaign Council has suspended its presidential campaign for 72-hours in protest of President Buhari’s decision to suspend the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen.

The PDP Campaign Council further said the suspension of its campaign activities is in solidarity with Nigerians as a collective rejection of the assault against our democratic order.

Describing President Buhari action as a “dangerous and brazen assault on the constitution”, the PDP Campaign Council says in a statement issued in Abuja on Friday night that there is no point in campaigning to contest in an election, whose very basis has been so flagrantly undermined’.

“The basis for this election is the democracy itself. When democracy comes under this kind of virulent attack, then the election itself becomes superfluous,” the statement said. The PDP Presidential Campaign was scheduled to be in Benue State on Saturday.

But it now said it is suspending its campaign activities for a period of 72 hours in the first instance. “In the first instance, we are suspending our campaign for 72 hours. It is our hope that President Buhari will listen to the voice of all lovers of democracy the world over and restore democracy in Nigeria immediately and without qualifications.

At the moment, the President has effectively suspended the constitution under whose basis the elections are being contested. The action of President Buhari represents a constitutional breach and a direct attack on our democracy.

This must never be allowed to stand, as there is no way by which democracy can survive under these autocratic tendencies. We call on all well meaning Nigerians to rise in defence of democracy and save our nation from this imminent slide into tyranny.

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UK reacts to Buhari’s removal of CJN Onnoghen

The British High Commission has expressed serious concern over the suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen.

A statement by the mission on Saturday said it heard a wide range of credible and independent voices, including in the Nigerian legal profession and civil society, who have expressed concern over the constitutionality of the executive branch’s suspension of the chief officer of the judiciary.

“We respect Nigeria’s sovereign authority and its right to adjudicate on constitutional provisions but as friends of the Nigerian people, we are compelled to observe that the timing of this action, so close to national elections, gives cause for concern,” the statement read.

“It risks affecting both domestic and international perceptions on the credibility of the forthcoming elections. We, along with other members of the international community, are following developments closely.

“We encourage all actors to maintain calm and address the concerns raised by this development through due process, demonstrating their commitment to respecting the constitution and the impartial administration of the rule of law.

“We further urge them to take steps to ensure that elections take place in an environment conducive to a free, fair and peaceful process.”

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Suspected armed robbers rape 50 year old woman in Benue

The Benue state police command have paraded two armed robbery suspects, Terdue Tivkaa 20 and Tarvershima Fazanga19, for robbing and raping a 50 year old woman at her home in the Zaki Biam axis of the state on January 20th.

Parading the suspects alongside many other criminals before newsmen today, the state commissioner for police, CP Omololu Bishi, said  a report of an armed robbery incident was received at the command on January 20th that some armed robbers criminally trespassed into a compound at new city Zaki Biam. They robbed their victims of some money and handsets and thereafter raped a 50yrs old woman. 

Swift response by Police Operatives in Zaki Biam led to the arrest of two suspects who mentioned one Solomon as their gang leader, the gang leader however, died while exchanging fire with the Police in a bid to evade arrest.

A locally made pistol with one live ammunition, two cutlasses, one axe and two handsets were recovered from them.

The police say both suspects who confessed to the crime would soon be arraigned in court.

The police also paraded a group of armed robbery suspects including a female.

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President Buhari speaks on why he suspended Justice Walter Onnoghen

Earlier today, President Buhari suspended embattled Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen and appointed Justice Tanko Muahammad as the acting CJN. While swearing in Justice Muhammad, President Buhari gave reasons for Onnoghen’s suspension. He stated this in his speech during the swearing-in ceremony. Read the full text below…

A short while ago, I was served with an Order of the Code of Conduct Tribunal issued on Wednesday 23rd January 2019, directing the suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Honourable Justice Walter Nkanu Samuel Onnoghen from office pending final determination of the cases against him at the Code of Conduct Tribunal and several other fora relating to his alleged breach of the Code of Conduct for Public Officers.

2. The nation has been gripped by the tragic realities of no less a personality than the Chief Justice of Nigeria himself becoming the accused person in a corruption trial since details of the petition against him by a Civil Society Organization first became public about a fortnight ago.

3. Although the allegations in the petition are grievous enough in themselves, the security agencies have since then traced other suspicious transactions running into millions of dollars to the CJN’s personal accounts, all undeclared or improperly declared as required by law.

4. Perhaps more worrisome is the Chief Justice of Nigeria’s own written admission to the charges that he indeed failed to follow the spirit and letter of the law in declaring his assets, citing ’’mistake’’ and ’’forgetfulness’’ which are totally unknown to our laws as defences in the circumstances of his case.

5. One expected that with his moral authority so wounded, by these serious charges of corruption, more so by his own written admission, Mr. Justice Walter Onnoghen would have acted swiftly to spare our Judicial Arm further disrepute by removing himself from superintending over it while his trial lasted.

6. Unfortunately, he has not done so. Instead, the nation has been treated to the sordid spectacle of a judicial game of wits in which the Chief Justice of Nigeria and his legal team have made nonsense of the efforts of the Code of Conduct Tribunal to hear the allegation on merit and conclude the trial as quickly as possible considering the nature of the times in which we live.

7. Whether deliberately or inadvertently, we have all seen the full weight of the Chief Justice of Nigeria descend on the tender head of one of the organs of justice under his control. There is simply no way the officers of that court, from the Chairman to the bailiffs, can pretend to be unaffected by the influence of the leader of the Judiciary.

8. Not only the trial court, but others have been put on the spot. Practically every other day since his trial commenced, the nation has witnessed various courts granting orders and counter-orders in favour of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, all of them characterised by an unholy alacrity between the time of filing, hearing and delivery of judgment in same.

9. The real effect has been a stalling of the trial of Justice Onnoghen, helped along by lawyers who insist that these orders, whether right or wrong are technically valid, and must be obeyed till an appellate Court says otherwise. No doubt that it is the proper interpretation, but is it right disposition for our nation?.

10. Nigeria is a constitutional democracy and no one must be, or be seen to be, above the law. Unfortunately, the drama around the trial of the Chief Justice of Nigeria has challenged that pillar of justice in the perception of the ordinary man on the street. For it is certain that no ordinary Nigerian can get the swift and special treatment Justice Onnoghen has enjoyed from his subordinates and privies in our Judicature.

11. In the midst of all these distracting events, the essential question of whether the accused CJN actually has a case to answer has been lost in the squabble over the form and nature of his trial. This should not be so.

12. If Justice cannot be done and clearly seen to be done, society itself is at risk of the most unimaginable chaos. As a Government, we cannot stand by wailing and wringing our hands helplessly but give our full backing and support to those brave elements within the Judiciary who act forthrightly, irrespective of who is involved.

13. As you are all aware, the fight against corruption is one of the tripod of policies promised to Nigerians by this administration. Needless to say that it is an existential Policy which must be given adequate attention and commitment by all the three arms of government. The efforts of the Executive will amount to nothing without the cooperation of the Legislature and especially the Judiciary.

14. It is no secret that this government is dissatisfied with the alarming rate in which the Supreme Court of Nigeria under the oversight of Justice Walter Onnoghen has serially set free, persons accused of the most dire acts of corruption, often on mere technicalities, and after quite a number of them have been convicted by the trial and appellate courts.

15. Since there is nothing the Executive Arm can do after the apex court of the land has spoken on any matter, several of these individuals walk free among us today, enjoying what are clearly the proceeds of the corruption which for so long has defeated the efforts of this nation to develop and prosper.

16. It is against this background that I have received the Order of the Code of Conduct Tribunal directing me to suspend the Chief Justice pending final determination of the cases against him. It also explains why I am not only complying immediately, but with some degree of relief for the battered sensibilities of ordinary Nigerians whose patience must have become severely over-taxed by these anomalies.

17. In line with this administration’s avowed respect for the Rule of Law, I have wholeheartedly obeyed the Order of the Code of Conduct Tribunal dated 23rd January 2019.

18. Accordingly, I hereby suspend the Honourable Mr. Justice Walter Nkanu Samuel Onnoghen, GCON as the Chief Justice of Nigeria pending final determination of the case against him at the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

19. In further compliance with the same Order of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, I hereby invite Honourable Justice Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed JSC, being the next most Senior Justice in the Supreme Court, to come forward to take the Judicial Oath as Chief Justice of Nigeria in an Acting Capacity.

20. Fellow Nigerians, we can only stand a chance to win the fight against Corruption, and position our dear nation for accelerated development when we stand together to contend against it.

Thank you and may God bless our country.

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16-year-old girl saved by ants after they bite man trying to rape her

A 16-year-old girl escaped being raped after her attacker was attacked by a colony of ants.

Toni Irawan, 29, approached the 16-year-old girl identified by her initials A.S. and asked her to go for a drive around Sukamaju, South Sulawesi province, in Indonesia. During the drive, Irawan allegedly asked the girl for sex and she refused.

She tried to escape when he stopped the car but he dragged her into some nearby bushes and made to rape her. 

But a colony of ants attacked them and sent the attacker running, thereby saving the girl from a horrific sexual assault. 

The girl managed to get up and run to nearby houses to call for help.

Sukamaju police chief Iptu Alimin Pammu told local media that Irawan has since been arrested and is currently on remand as the investigation continues.

If found guilty, he faces between three and 15 years in prison.

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UBTH medical doctor who was found dead in a hotel

A medical doctor in the radiology department of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) identified as Dr. Osasogie Ogbeide, was said to have been found dead in the hotel last Sunday.

Dr Ogbeide friends have since taken friend took to Facebook to mourn him. One wrote: 

“It was with shock and unbelief that I received the news of your death. You were a dear friend nay brother to me. Death is a path that all who live must surely take. However this does not take away the pain. May the good Lord give those you left behind the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss. Adieu my brother. Rest In Peace Dr. Osasogie Ogbeide.”

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ASUU Strike Update Day 82: FG Not Ready For Renegotiation – ASUU

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU last Thursday said the Federal Government had failed to make fresh offer  on funding for the revitalisation of the nation’s public universities. The union also stated that the Federal Government is yet to address the issue of renegotiation of the 2009 FGN/ASUU Agreement in its new offer made to the union last Monday.

This was contained in a Strike Bulletin  signed by the ASUU President, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, and sent to branches of the union.

Ogunyemi mentioned that though the Federal Government had improved its earlier offers, there were still critical unresolved issues.

The union boss asked the public to disregard the misinformation by agents of the Government that the ASUU strike is political.

He asked members to remain committed to the struggle to revitalise the education system.

Recall that the union had earlier stated that for the strike to be called off one of the primary things the Government must do is to release N50 Billion for the revitalisation of universities.

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ASUU Strike Update Day 71: ASUU Vows To Continue Strike Until FG Pays N220 Billion

Speaking during a telephone interview with newsmen on Sunday, National President, Professor Biodun Ogunyemi said that ASUU has shifted ground from N1.1 trillion to N220 billion which he said will cover for three quarters in 2019

He stated that the union was ready to call off the strike if the federal government paid the N220 billion.

When asked if the union was ready to shift grounds from the N220 billion, he maintained: “We have already shifted ground. “We presented five tranches payment to the federal government. If we made request for five tranches of N1.1 trillion and they are not ready to give one, that shows they are the ones not ready to shift grounds.

On the impact of the strike on the February general elections, the president says that ASUU strike has nothing to do with the February elections; adding that the issue with the FG has been on since 2006 and the position of the union has nothing to do with the elections.

“If they know they are banking on students to use for election, then let them do what they ought to do. If they do what we asked them to do, our member can take decision this week and the matter would be resolved.” He said.

Regarding some universities who are trying to boycott the strike, Ogunyemi said: “We know that there are some moves by government agents at federal and state levels to break our ranks. But our members are getting back to us and to a large extent now, our members are resolute. “Yes, there are some overzealous chancellors and administrators in one or two universities who are trying to brake these ranks. However, on the scale of balance, they are not having their ways. On the way of handling the default institutions, he said, “Our union shall handle that.” 

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Kcee headlines ULI MUSIC FESTIVAL 2018 among other Nigerian superstars

On December 30th 2018, Nigerian pop-star and Five Star music general, Kcee headlined the ‘Uli Music Festival’ in ULI 

The event that was held at the Uli Central School field in Anambra witnessed electrifying performances from superstars and comedians like Runtown,Phyno , Faze, Bracket, AY, Acapella Comedian, Funny Bone,I go Die,  Mr 2kay, Nigga Raw , Ruffcoin Nwa-Aba ,  Zoro, Slow Dog, Oritsefemi and others.

cc: @mrchidozie

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Sisters 12 and 14 charged with stabbing and fatally shooting their mother

Two sisters have been charged with killing their mother in southwest Mississippi.

32-year-old Ericka Hall was found lying drenched in blood at the family’s mobile home in Magnolia just before midnight on Friday. She had been stabbed multiple times and shot once in the chest with a  small-caliber handgun inside the home before staggering outside. She was also stabbed in the back, with the knife still sticking out of her back when she was found by relatives.

Robin Coney, the victim’s aunt, told WLBT. 

The girls, when I drove up, they were like: “Tee Tee we didn’t do this.” And I was like: “OK, if y’all didn’t do it, where were y’all when the people that was doing it did it?”

They found out the daughters — two teenagers, juveniles — allegedly did it.

The 14-year-old daughter, Amariyona Hall (pictured in the mugshot above), has been charged with murder as an adult and is being held at Pike County Jail on $150,000 bond.

The 12-year-old, who is not been named because she is a minor, is being held at Adams County Juvenile Detention Center in Natchez. Both girls will receive mental evaluations.

Under Mississippi law, children 13 and older accused of certain crimes are automatically charged as adults. Judges can later transfer cases to youth court.

The victim’s aunt said the victim got in an argument with the two girls on Friday night. Deputies heard that the girls had also tried to run her over with the family car earlier in the week, the Enterprise Journal reported.

Neighbours said Hall was killed days after she took away her daughters’ cellphones. Because their mother punished them, they retaliated with Friday’s fatal attack. She said the gun used in the murder belonged to Hall, and that she kept it stored in her car. 

After the murder, the girls allegedly walked across the street to ask the neighbours for a ride to neighbouring McComb because their grandmother had just died. Coney said the girls then walked further down the road to a relative’s home.

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